Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

  • LINDA – I am surprised that Amber is not on a high after outings & cake; and that it is not you who have flaked out. LOL

    An escape today with Chauffeur Friend, just suburbs, a newly-built Greek church & coffee & chatter.

  • LINDYBIRD: I swear kids have an innate need to make their mothers worry when they're separated. Croissants, car race tracks, fun on the swings - none of it equals pushing Mum's button with tales of being bitten by Bonnie! Maddening isn't it? :-)

    AQ: Glad you got out with friend.

    Sunny, windy and California-cold here today - but lovely clear skies for the super-moon! :-)
  • Agree about kiddies, ANNETTE!
    Just returned from town, lunch with middle daughter and Amy.
    My back (old injury) is misbehaving and won't listen to me! Nothing I can't cope with, though.
    Apart from that, quiet here. House jobs are stacking up but will be tackled at some point!
  • HEATHER - take care of that back - housework can wait!

    Church newsletter week here - why do I have to trawl through phone calls etc to get the information which people are asked to give to me every month? Grr!

    Fix It Guy says he is coming Wednesday or Thursday! Had a delivery this morning of the materials which he ordered! Is this really happening?
  • AQ - enjoy your church trip and coffee and cakes with friend, sounds good.

    OG - nice to see you were able to sit out over the weekend and that OH managed to get a lot done in the garden. Hope J is feeling better soon.

    Off tomorrow for eye test, If I need new glasses have looked up a few on the web site and printed them out. Torn between designer glasses 2 for 1 or the slightly cheaper ones at again 2for 1 , will make my mind up in shop if needed.
    Weather here has been reasonable with sunshine and cloud.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Evening all:

    OG: Re the church newsletter: been there, done that, got frustrated chasing down info. Grr indeed! (That's why I don't take on editorial work with volunteers anymore.) Also hope that J is doing better.

    HEATHER: Don't worry; house jobs won't go anywhere..... sigh. :-)

    LYNETTE: Buy the frames that make you feel good. :-)

    We put up the new bird feeder today - it's just a double shepherd's crook gizmo with sturdy "feet" - after which I hosed down the patio under the old location and scrubbed off all the bird poop!

    Plumber due tomorrow to deal with a mini-flood in my bathroom and lots of gurgling from various drains. Oh joy.

    Take care ALL.
  • Pat is sailing across the Tasman Sea, due in Sydney Sunday when weather expected to be 21 C & cloudy. Cyclone Oma is tracking towards QLD – I hope it is over before Pat sails north.

    Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it’s off to nanny duty I go.
  • Hope Nanny duty goes well, AQ. We're girding our loins for our 3rd day of Amber watch. Yesterday we watched tv, made rockets out of Lego, I baked biscuits for which Amber stirred the mixture and then we both got very sticky rolling the gooey mixture into balls to put on a baking sheet. Of course, the minute I was covered in sticky coconut, golden syrup & sugar, the phone rang....... (No answer, either!)

    In the afternoon we went to the cinema to see the latest Lego movie. Granddad went to sleep in the middle, Amber wailed that she was hungry in spite of having eaten a huge lunch, and I found it a mixed experience: the jokes were very funny but the music loud. We gave her a small packet of biscuits which after a few minutes we discovered were covered in chocolate - most of which went around her mouth and some of which went on her frock.
  • Oh, the joys, LINDY! I'm sure that when at home she isn't constantly entertained, it's just that you are enjoying having her and want to make the most of this special time.
  • LINDYBIRD: When I'm out and about with Ms. D in Arizona, I'm amazed at how much she can eat just a few hours after breakfast! Growing girls and all that......