Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

  • Morning all:

    HEATHER: Plumber fixed kitchen sink faucet but toilet will wait a bit due to possibility of house guest (or 2!) prior to daughter's arrival March 2. He doesn't know if it will be an easy or more difficult fix until he removes it.  Worst case involves a cracked flange or whatever comes up from underneath the floor that can't be fixed with some kind of expanding fitting, in which case we're into a longer job that will involve removal of floor tiles. Meanwhile, as long as it doesn't get flushed too many times in row, it will hold until then.

    HARELADY: Three days with Ms. S and her dad sounds lovely.

    OG: Makes sense to add the path and not to worry about hardscape as long as it helps you be safe and more independent.

    More rain here yesterday afternoon, which then headed to Arizona as snow at very low levels. Only the major highways will be plowed and schools are closed so AZ family is indoors today. Assume it will then head over to DIANE'S! :-(   Snow levels in the hills behind us dropped to 1,500ft for the first time in more than a decade.

  • HEATHER - my mind has also turned to grass cutting - maybe just a trim of long whiskers with the strimmer for now, but it's definitely growing! This cleaner is "good enough" but the two temps were better! She did actually talk to me a bit today - I think because OH was out. Our best one was the one who left the domestic agency and went to clean at McD's instead - the agency never could find a replacement in our area, so we came off their books! Sorry about your friend - does she have family to help sort things out - or is she the one who is estranged from her son/daughter?

    ANNETTE - pleased tap is sorted - sorry WC could be a big problem. I hope that storm will not cause too much trouble as it heads eastward - especially for Diane, who I think has had enough for this winter!

    Spoke to elder Dau on the phone for her 50th birthday this morning. News of both the GDaus - elder one, currently on year as a NQT, has a permanent post from September - teaching Science and Maths at her own old school; not moving back home, she will stay in Durham for at least another year. Second GDau has fixed her accommodation for next year at uni - she will be sharing a house with four other girls, in York.

    J had a good training day in Lockerbie today - will be at one of the local primaries tomorrow morning then back at his base in the afternoon. I have council rep (well, agency rep since everything is outsourced these days) coming to inspect the ramp and collect my financial contribution.
  • HARELADY – I am always amazed how much the Little People can eat. Of course if I was as energetic as they, I could too. LOL

    We went out for dinner last eve, it has been months since last one. I chose the Grange Jetty Cafe. It’s not on the jetty but has a view of sand, sea & jetty. (For our virtual traveller ANNETTE grangejettykiosk.com.au.) OH had carbonara, I had veal parmigiana. After I had been eating for 5 mins, OH asked when was I going to start! The slab of veal was ginormous, at least 6” by 12”, half would have been too much for me. A small salad (tomato, cucumber, red onion, mixed green leaves) and not too many chips, or so I thought, many were hiding soggily under the veal. I only ever sample the chips. We shall probably return but it was extremely noisy even when only 4 tables at the start. Am I the only one not deaf these days?
  • Glad J had a good day, OG.

    Putting my feet up after our Eldests departure with Amber, after another busy day. We packed up lots of stuff from all over the house - Amber leaves a trail wherever she goes. I put the sheets into the washer this morning, and also picked up lots of bits of crafting as we've been cutting out some things from a comic/magazine we bought for her, about pets. She would probably like to have a dog at home but I can't see Mummy wanting one. There is another dog in her family, a greyhound who Amber described as "Not cuddly, because she's a bag of bones!"
  • Hi. See you have all been busy.
    Harelady - glad you enjoyed time with g.dau and dad.
    OG - looks like things are moving for you and items getting fixed.
    Annette - glad sink is fixed and do hope toilet won't give too many problems.
    Lindybird - pleased to hear you have had a lovely time with Amber even if she was eating you out of house and home.
    Went for eye test yesterday and the optromotist has detected the start of a cataract in left eye so was going to refer me to the cataract centre. Still waiting to hear from them re an appointment which she said could be up to 3 months ahead. As prescription may change after an op to go back in a year for reassessment.

    Been a glorious day down here, warm and sunny. Have a good weekend all. Take care.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • OG: Good to hear that g'daughters are doing well. How does daughter feel about both girls being gone from home?

    AQ: Had a look at the Grange Jetty Cafe (as you suspected) :-) It looks like a nice location so understandably popular. And no, you're not deaf: those bare floors, glass windows, high ceilings and lack of any sound-absorbing fabrics or surfaces etc., are typical of current restaurant design here too (read NOISY). Lots of echoing! Argh. I also checked out their Gallery and saw what looked like some delicious desserts but didn't see any description of them on the menu! :-(

    LINDYBIRD: Too bad no cuddly pup for Amber. Assume you'll have a rest tomorrow.

    LYNETTE: I gather from my eye doc that here at least they don't do anything about cataracts "until they start bothering you."

    Am popping up to Fresno tomorrow to see the friend I visited there last December.  Her sister n Fresno, was ill then but got worse, so friend came back from Seattle to be with her. Anyway, the sister died two days ago so I and a couple of her old friends from SoCal are going to give her hugs, etc. before she goes back north.  Will be back Sunday afternoon.

    Have a good Friday all.

  • ANNETTE – Many cafes have no dessert menu as we get to choose from a display case at counter. Selection varies depending what is “in” today and what is left from the coffee-& cake people during day. Sadly these days I rarely have room for dessert. “Life’s too short; eat dessert first.”

    On bus to city this morn a cheery driver who greeted everyone with a smile and at each stop SHE said “Those getting off. I hope you have a great day.” Driver coming home had a bus whose springs had seen better days.
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Hi, all. 

    Annette: Have a very safe drive to Fresno. My condolences to your friend. It's tough losing a sibling. I'll start the new thread on Saturday.

    AQ: That restaurant is very lovely. I'll have a Vegetarian Focaccia with a Peach Iced Tea -- and an Iced Mocha or an Affogato for dessert, please. Oh, how I remember buses with bad springs when I lived and worked in Indianapolis. 

    Lindy: You'd better take a day or two to put your feet up, watch TV, and recover from your family visit. LOL Bonnie will miss Amber. 

    OG: I'm so glad for you that your ramp is now completed and is satisfactory. The ramp and your new pathway will improve your quality of life. Wonderful that your granddaughters are organized and situated for the coming year. 

    Harelady: Wonderful that you enjoyed your time with your granddaughter and her Dad! Way too early for mowing lawns here. No green to be seen yet.

    Heather: Have a safe journey to the christening, however you decide to travel.

    Annette and OG: The Arizona snow storm is predicted to run into warm air flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico. That means severe thunderstorms for me and most of the eastern US on Saturday.

    I had hoped to be working hard right now, but my freelance editing project has been delayed. I still have a check/cheque arriving in a couple of days, though (the fee for signing the contract), so I'll be okay. 

    Everyone stay safe and be happy.

  • Good Morning. AQ -- We crossed in the post last night. I live for dessert! We find that happens when in Spain, the desserts are often on display for you to choose from.
    Strangely, even though I've just had a week eating chips more often and cake almost every day, I seem to have remained at the same weight on the scales! My OH made yummy pancakes for lunch dessert yesterday and Amber and I managed two each with sugar and lemon.

    EDIT : It must have been all the running around after Amber which kept me fit!

    Lynette, I was the same, both of my eyes have cataracts beginning which I suspected as I can notice it when reading a book, but they have to get much worse before they'll do anything about it.
    Dry and bright here today: our garden looks splendid with lots of pretty bulbs coming up and opening. Lots to do!

  • Now I've crossed with Diane! - I see that it's been snowing in L Vegas!! Glad you got a fee in advance.

    We were very proud of Bonnie who was very patient with lots of times being woken from her dozes by Amber, and being hugged sometimes too hard! She never growled even, and enjoyed the crumbs being dropped at the dinner table.

    I feel tired but not too bad:  I felt much worse last Sunday and Monday when I was out of sorts in some way, and struggled a little with keeping up with things. However, it passed and I was much better by Wednesday.