WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018


  • Limpy:  I'll be right behind Lindybird with the hug.  :-)

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Thanks, Annette!

    I'll be back tomorrow with replies. I'm going to bed early. 

    Have a good week, all. 

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Good Morning, and Thanks to Annette for starting us off again.

    Very cloudy here, and not hot - yet!!

    Will be ringing my Friend later on, to see what news she has, I've been leaving her in peace whilst they've had a house full of visitors; her daughter & son in law joined them again on their way back from Ireland, where he has relatives.

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    Goodness!! - where is everyone??

    Rang my Friend G, and she has enjoyed her visitors but waved them goodbye this morning. She now has an appointment to go to her Consultants for a chat about what's happening next, on Tuesday morning. They will be passing her and her medical notes, over to The Christie Hospital in Manchester after that: she has had treatment there before. We're hoping to fit in a trip to the cinema at some point, to see "Mamma Mia II", which is a must-see!

    It's been very grey and dull here, and even drizzled for a while, but now its warmer and drier, although cloudy: have optimistically put my smalls on the line.

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    Wonderful news that all three chicks have now fledged at the Glaslyn nest, in Wales!!

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    The Dyfi Three are sure to be hard on their heels!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • In reply to Clare:

    A stay-at-home weekend for me with this stupid cold, which I think is on the wane - OH seems okay now and he went to church.  I belatedly started work on the church newsletter, and I don't think I ought to take time out to reply to all the long posts from Friday night and Saturday, but there was a lot of news contained therein!

    I do remember that FORESTBOAR has his awaited appointments and that at least some are at a local hospital - pleased about that!

    I also read that LINDA enjoyed her time at Tatton, but sorry G couldn't go.  Good that G's referral to The Christie is getting underway this week.

    Weather is warming up again, but we here are not expected to be so unbearably hot as those in the South.  Take care everyone!

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Hello all and thank you, ANNETTE!

    ANNETTE- you asked about Bella 's age. She is just three.

    I'm happy, LINDY, that G has her appointment at the Christie.

    Quiet day here, not a lot achieved!

  • In reply to Heather B:

    Had a good day, getting things done, but we just sat in the garden for half an hour as the sun finally managed to peep through our heavy cloud layer. Frustrating that I had to spend more time on other things on the Desktop, and not had time to come on here and do some replies, nor to post my other final pictures of my day out in Anglesey last year. Maybe tomorrow....

    Just spoke to our Youngest, who says that little Matthew is progressing well now and enjoyed a day this week trying out his new nursery class which he will be going to in September. Both children enjoyed today in the garden, playing with a water sprinkler which I bought them - they don't have a hosepipe ban yet, there. The other Grandparents will be helping to fill in for the school holidays, for now, plus they will all be going to our caravan for a week in August.

    Off to serve up our piece of beef brisket which has been cooking all afternoon in the slow cooker!

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Spent a lot of time arguing with techy stuff today.  My iPhone keeps insisting my wifi password is wrong (it's the same one we've used for about 13 years!). I saw some chat on the 'net about others having the same problem after the most recent software upgrade.  OH's iPhone, which has not yet updated, connects to wifi with no problem as does my Windows laptop.  Another oddity - I have Google calendar on my laptop and my iPhone and when I add or delete something on my laptop, it adds and/or deletes it on the iPhone, which means it's connecting somehow.   Then our cable box for the TV went wobbly and we had to do a reset on that.  Really!  How am I going to get the garden organized when all this techy stuff keeps getting in the way.  Grrrr.

    Lindybird: Hope you can make it to the movies with G.

    OG: Don't blame you for not keeping up with the chat.  It does get busy on here (but quiet today).  Hope old continues to improve.

    Hi to Heather and Clare!

    Take care everyone.