WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

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    Thanks to all for thoughts re OH.

    Limpy. I am very grateful to hear from someone with “inside info”. It helps me to help OH. I am so sorry you are feeling sick & dizzy from your pills.

    A quick visit this morn to city, home just before showers. Not possible for any weeding now, sez she gleefully.

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    Good Morning, All.  Monday already! Where does it all go......

    Apparently, I'm not the only one who has problems with techie things - my sympathies, Annette. When we booked for the Flower Show recently, my printer would only print one of our two tickets - I ran off six or seven of them, but they were all the same! In the end, we got a friend to print them by emailing him our information, then he passed them to us. We have a Smart TV which we've had for a couple of years now, but I've no idea how to get it to connect to the internet for all the fancy things it's supposed to do.... 

    A bit cloudy here again, but warm already. Going to get more laundry out, and we have a Man coming to look at our stove which needs a new door seal, plus we've never had it looked at since the day it tripped all the fuses cooking our Christmas turkey! My OH said cheerfully "Oh, we hardly ever use the big oven anyway!"


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    back from our Rhine river cruise. We had a wonderful time, great company, great food, great cruise ship, everything was great, including fish and chips in Fochabers on our drive home!!!

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    From the left we have a new friend from San Francisco, a new friend from near Bournemouth with her husband next, then another from San Francisco, my OH and me.

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    There will be someone here who knows about techy things - sadly, it isn't me!

    For a while now, I have noticed that my electricity bill says the reading is from a smart meter. I have no recollection whatsoever of OH telling me that we had one and certainly no knowledge of one being installed. A couple of days ago, I remembered that a few years ago, OH showed me a device that was proudly sitting in the dining room. It purported to show exactly how much electricity we were using. OH became far too interested in this device, especially when the tumble dryer was running! After a while he wasn't watching it as much. I guess that he knew that I wasn't as interested as he was in watching the pennies. So I unplugged it and hid it away. A couple of days ago I was looking up smart meters on the internet. Of course, the stupid monitor thingy was supplied when the mystery smart meter was installed. (I was probably away visiting family at the time). So I've dug it out of the cupboard, plugged it in and guess what? I too have become hooked on watching it! It tells me how much electricity I'm using in kilowatts and ugh - in money. I don't like it AT ALL.

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    Just spotted your post, DIBNLIB! Welcome home. I'm so happy that all went well!

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    Thanks Heather. Will do a catch up of what has been happening on the site later.

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    Weather started off rather dull, but sun is burning through the cloud now and looks as if temps will be as good as yesterday, and no rain.  OH will go to Tesco, after that – we’ll see!  Did well with newsletter typing yesterday but can’t compile final format as awaiting someone’s contribution – urgghh.

    Saga over the road continues – they appeared to go and get married (lots of hired kilts around on Saturday) and stayed away overnight.   Reappeared with their usual takeaway lunch about 3pm Sunday, then disappeared leaving all blinds tightly closed later – presumably on honeymoon - with the kids!

    Linda – pleased that Matthew is doing well, and I hope he will settle at school in September.  I hope your stove man turns up on time today.

    Annette – sorry about the techie stuff letting you down and keeping you away from the garden!

    Dibnlib – welcome back from your wonderful holiday – you both look well and happy in the photo!

    Heather – we have a smart meter, but I can’t remember what we did with the monitor gizmo – we decided we are most unlikely to ever look at it – we use what we use and save what we save!  Of course, it wouldn’t give the full picture with solar added into the equation.  Solar generation is doing well since we got the new inverter fitted – received a decent cheque on Saturday for the period since then.

    Need to write a wee note now to one of our church ladies.  May be back later.

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

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    Dibnlib -  Sounds like a wonderful trip - and you all look so well and a happy crowd in the picture! 


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    Was going to write a long reply, but this is having trouble posting, plus won't post more than one sentence!!!!!!