The season so far:

33(11) and Maya both arrived back within hours of each other on the 22nd March.  Maya laid three eggs on the 4th,  7th,  10th  April and surprised us all laying a fourth egg on the 13th April.  The first chick hatched on the 12th May followed by #2 on the 13th,  #3 on the 16th and #4 on the 18th.  Sadly two of the chicks died, chick #2 on the 15th May and chick #4 died not long after hatching.  

So four was not to be, but Maya and 33(11) have two strong, healthy chicks and 33(11) is once again proving himself to be an excellent provider.  Throughout this month we will see them transform into beautiful young juvenile ospreys and learn of their sexes and IDs when they are ringed later in the month.

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