LV circular road closed :-(

Having read the blog post that the centre would be open after the terrible snow, I took the opportuinity for a drive out on Saturday. On the whole the roads are open, athough due to ploughing the local B roads often appear as "single track".

Approaching from the North-East corner of the lake, you can drive as far as the hotel entrance, or accross the dam and turn left only, but only as far as the upper carpark - the lower carpark (and that slope) is still snowed over.

The road around the lake is closed (with big read "Road Closed" signs - I guess, from the evidence of wood chippinggs, that this is due to fallen trees.

With such a small area left for many visitors, carparking is a problem, with cars parked illegally (if you were to remove the snow you'd see the road markings) and incociderately.

That said, I had plesent drive around the area and managed a few snowy scenic photos.

Oh, and the RSPB shop was closed at 12:30




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  • Hi Lawrence, thank you for sharing your pictures and experience.  The road around the lake was closed by the local council due to the number of fallen trees as a result of the heavy snowfall and due to the number of cars trying to travel around the lake and then getting stuck. Unfortunately, the road around the lake is not classed as a priority road which means it doesn't get snow ploughed. However, the Dam was kindly cleared for us. RSPB staff and volunteers, as well as the staff from Artisans Cafe opposite us, spent a good few days manually digging away with shovels to clear the road down from the dam to the cafe's car park and further down the road, so that the roads were accessible to both visitors and locals.  We also made sure that the walking trails were clear from fallen trees. The snowfall has had and is stilll having devestating consequences for us on our Organic farm and it was all hands on deck to do all we could to rescue buried livestock and tend to the lambing Ewes and newborn lambs.

    I can fully appreciate your frustration at the lack of car parking spaces on a busy bank holiday weekend but due to the conditions and lack of man power we could only do so much.  I must apologise as well that the RSPB Shop here appeared closed that day but I am assured by the Retail Manager that we were indeed open all Easter weekend from 10.30am through until 4pm. However, we do have an issue with our door which does get 'jammed' in wet weather from time to time and is being dealt with.

    If you use social networking sites - perhaps you'd like to follow us at RSPB Lake Vyrnwy - which is updated daily and would give detailed information on a more regular basis when these things happen.

    I do hope you visit us again soon,



  • In reply to Sioned RSPB LV:


    Thank you for taking the time to post such a detailed reply.

    I applaud you and your communities efforts in clearing the road of snow by hand. When I reached the junction (of the road that goes to the lower carprk) I chatted with a couple f gentlemen who were clearing snow so that I and others could turn aroud.

    The livestock situation must be heartbreaking for owners and helpers, something I don't think we, as the general public, can really comprehend.

    I certainly will be visiting the area again as I pass through that way quite often. I usually take a slow drive around the lake and have a stroll around the foot of the dam. This year I hope to tackle some of your trails on foot (camera in hand).

    I never thought to look for you on "social media" - I'll go and see if I can find you now :-)



    Local RSPB Reserve: Sandwell Valley

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