Sightings at LV

Other reserves have a forum stream for people to record sightings.

So - how about starting one for Lake Vyrnwy?

Any offers to kick it off?


  • Sunday 10th March -

    4-5 mistle thrushes feeding in fields below Blue trail (Cownwy valley), and by Quaker monument.

    Party of c. 300 starlings above Kelly's Avenue by weather station.

    About 30-40 fieldfares below Blue trail (Cownwy).


  • In reply to Graham:

    Red kite soaring over the dam - unusual enough to remark on.

    Also a pair of goosander on the Stilling Pool, and a dipper swimming and diving well out of its depth. After three or four dives, it had no trouble at all in taking off from the surface of the water - something I've never seen before.

    Nuthatches are vocal around the trees, but no chiffchaff yet.

    Two pied wagtails on the face of the dam.

    Carrion crows up on the ridge by the hotel - four birds, seemingly paired.

    A few siskins around the feeders. The feeder behind the shop is very popular indeed with great spotted woodpeckers - nice, because it's the one we've got a camera on and you can watch them in the shop!


  • In reply to Graham:

    Hi Graham

    I am willing to do the recent sightings for the blog and website. If you email me sightings each week i can add them to my list and post them. I have just uploaded my first blog.


    Matt Heaver