Inspired By WEX

Having read the excellent WEX blog post I was inspired at the age of 62 to have a go at pond dipping for the first time in my life. I signed for my net and tray - and enjoyed putting '0'  in the number of children box (although I never did grow up). Heading for the Toyota pond I really wanted to see a water spider.  But this was not to be. I was rather pleased with my small collection though - whatever they are (I'm sure WEX members could tell me) 

Later I went on the hunt for a Gerald (puss moth caterpillar) and was rewarded surprisingly fast. The light was hard as it was so very hot and bright but I got some shots and a bit of video which I have not processed yet. A beautiful cinnabar moth and a blue damsel fly also came my way. 

As I could no longer cope with the heat I retreated to the Bittern Hide where I missed a bittern sighting as I was looking at my Gerald photos (note to self, resist the temptation to look at photos until getting home) 

Here I was rewarded with one of my favourite sights - a juvenile great crested grebe. These little humbugs or are they zebras, are so charming. The black headed gulls are common but still look fab when nestled amongst the lily pads.  

Old Moor really is a wonderful place to see so many creatures and plants. Plus the cafe is excellent !