Dragons and Zebras

I sat for quite a whole watching the young kestrels doing little practice flights. They are pretty good and  did a bit of hovering. Such beautiful birds and a privilege to be able observe them flying to and fro from the box to the pylon. And flying over my ahead backlit by the sun. Stunning. Sitting there quietly I became very aware of other beasts lurking in the reeds and grass - but mostly invisible. What made that reed move?  What caused that twig to crack? What was that rustle in the long grass ? You  are never alone at Old Moor. 

Sitting at the reedbad screen with the hot sun on my back I saw the usual suspects. Only the delightful pink lily and a dragon for company. From the reedbed hide it was coot city  - a lot of squabbling going on! But the great crested grebe and juvenile gave a good show. Wow those little ones sure to make a racket. But how gorgeous are they :-) 


Finally from the bttern hide there were three lovely little egrets - impossibly white in colour. Two great crested grebes each with  a juvenile,  came nice and close - again, much cheeping. I wonder if the parents swap over or if they stick with the same youngster. They were still feeding the young ones now and then but the novices caugth a few small fish and a lot of weed!