Hen Harrier

    I was at the carpark checking the field for hopefully, a owl, wow a Ring-tailed Hen Harrier hunting the edge of the fence, my be a female not sure? could be a juvenile? as it moved out of view, i looked behind me to see a Male just over the picnic bench, instead of flying towards the saltmarsh, it went back following the road towards the trees, next to them, until it got to the field, where the other was hunting, you see the small birds panic and fly up into the air, just in front of them, it flew along the fence onto the saltmarsh towards the breakwater, then towards Wigtown,  the other was on a fence pole, before returning to hunt the field, i took some photo's, but they came second to watching this, sorry.            Crook of Baldoon is a reserve,  wild yet near home.

I have added two photo's to my gallery,  top one Ring-tailed, bottom one the Male.  

  • WOW - great sighting, you lucky thing.  I'm very jealous - I'm yet to see the hen harriers down at the Crook.  Thank you so much for telling us about it, always great to hear about your wildlife moments at the Crook.

  • In reply to Alexa:

       Thanks Alexa,  they do seem to hunt over a large area, the area on the top photo is perfect for them, its hard to say what would be the best time, some birds give you a clue, like waders, moving with the tide, or Divers,Grebes, and sea ducks at high tide, apart from a winter roost, its luck, still that what gives it the feel of being a wild bird.

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    Hi Gentalis you lucky thing I have been down there the last two afternoons and got not a sniff last year they were around a lot more through the day and late afternoon before going off to roost will have to try and get down there earlier.

    good picture of ringtail but the male has not come through.

  • In reply to Paul Tarling:

    Hi Paul, i hope you and Alexa get chance to see them. more Reed Bunting this week, i have added a photo of one them, they where on the path next to the wall.

  • In reply to Brian Walker:

    A very nice picture Gentalis what lens was you using.

  • In reply to Paul Tarling:

    Hi Paul.

              I am using a Nikon DX AF-Nikkor55-300 1:4.5-5.6 G ED VR lens,  a bit of tech, its a DX used on a D3100 camera, which as a smaller senser, so it makes it the same as a 480 lens, the 70- 300 lens is faster, but it cost more.  oh  gloves for cold hands.