Crook today 28th of Feb 2013

What a glorious week we have had in South and West Scotland cold nights but two weeks of dry weather in places the gound is still very wet but improving each day and today was the best a bit of frost and sea fog early in the day but by lunch that had all but gone and this afternoon has been great.


We have had a Volunteer work party today repairing nest boxes after the winter weather. We found some that the Tree Sparrows have already started to build their nests in as well. We always clean out the boxes in October and record there usage but leave the repairs till after the worst of the weather they also provide roost places as well, a number did showed signs of occupation. So only six to replace this year and we added another four for expansion of the population.

This afternoon the volunteers started to build another ten boxes to develop another area on the reserve.

Tonight as we finished for the day we had a look across the saltmarsh and bay bathed in the evening sun what a day. It is amazing how quickly the geese settle down once the wild-fowling season stops the last couple of days since the 20th when the season finished the birds have really started to show well. Today we have see 3000 geese on the lower saltmarsh and muds a great view of a Merlin and two views of a female Sparrowhawk one time lifting of with prey item.

Waders have been showing well as well with 80 Curlew 50 Lapwing 250 Golden Plover and 20 Redshank a few Snipe so all in all not a bad day. 

Spring is starting feel just around the corner.