Peregrine (young)? or ...?

This landed in front of us whilst walking on the Northumbrian coast. First though was Peregrine but the "mask" doesn't seem right. Seemed to small for a Sparrowhawk and I know it's not a Kestrel

  • I would say it is a Sparrowhawk Michael, maybe a male as they are smaller than the female by a quarter less of the overall size.


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    Thanks Hazel, I was thinking a Sparrowhawk would show a bit browner but the eyes look right. So I'll go with that as it's my first picture of a Sparrowhawk and Peregrines are ten a penny!
  • The front doesn't look as brown as you might normally expect for an adult male, but definitely a Sparrowhawk. Maybe an immature one? If you're not one of those who get them in the garden, then they are exceptionally difficult to catch on camera, so congratulations.


    Nige   Flickr

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    Thanks for the confirmation Nige. It did maybe seem like a juvenile in the way it landed so close and stayed for a bit. We had what we assume was a sparrowhawk once in the garden but it was just a steak and a few feathers left behind so no chance for a pic :)
  • Hi

    it's a female sparrowhawk:)

    juveniles have streaks on the breast then bars on the belly


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    Thanks for the confirmation and extra info!