Buzzard Attacks on Runners in Cheshire (and UK)

Hello All, I was recently dive bombed from behind by a Buzzard on Back Lane in Higher Whitley Cheshire. Must have only been 2 inches from contact. It then followed me repeatedly perching in different trees and flew in to attack around 8 times more over the next 4-500 m of road. I had to use a stick to defend myself and turn and face it making noise and waving the stick... but it still kept coming!  One of my fellow runners was cut by its tallons about 3 weeks later in a similar incident in the same place. More recently 23/06/2020 a different runner was hit and bruised in the head by it (or another aggressive buzzard) but this time no cuts. This was approx 1000 m from Back lane on Foggs Lane so quite away from the original attack.

So whilst wishing to protect myself and avoid future avian conflict I have a few questions.

1. Whats the best way to defend yourself if attacked?

2. What is the range of a buzzard so I know when to be alert.. is it likely to be the same one at ~ 1km way. Note there are lots of buzards locally most are 'normal' not pyschcos!

3. Should the local Parish Council or Local council put up warning signs? It hasn't attacked walkers yet but is known by the local I spoke too after I was dived at for attacking runners in the past over the last few years.     

4. Is it normal for a buzzard to follow you for half a mile?

5. Is it likely its chicks will perpetuate the behaviour? (spauclation welcome I guess.

Thanks for the info