Jackdaws going nuts !!

Among the varied bird life that calls our little estate of apartments home there is a group of about 12 Jackdaws we have christened the "heavy gang". In the last week or so they have started something new. Just down the road is a magnificent Sweet Chestnut tree which  like a lot of trees this year is producing some great nuts. Our local Jackdaws seem to relish the taste of them but they were struggling to get the shells open but now they have discovered they do not need nut crackers. They now fly up onto the roof with the nuts and bang away on the slates until they split the outer shell. Unfortunately in this case we are in the top flat of our little block and their favourite working area is above our bedroom. I do not begrudge the birds nuts for breakfast but I'm not sure we really appreciate their early start. They seem to start work as soon as the skies start to lighten,Thang goodness daylight is getting later day by day I just wonder if the Jackdaws do room service,I'm sure Chris and myself could manage tea and toast while the Jackdaws keep bashing at the slates. I does show how Corvids work their way round problems especially if food is involved,just keep the noise down guys.