Small wet greenfinch

Hello. I have brought in a v v small greenfinch ( is it too early to be a fledgling?) I’ve popped him in a box with seeds about two hours ago. He was completely soaking ( I found him down between 2 flowerpots after I saw a cat v interested in something down there. He is able to move , he is able to walk in box and shake his wings and I can hear him moving about but tail is still very wet. I’m thinking to keep him in box overnight and see how he is tomorrow. Is that the best thing to do? 

  • Hello Jen,   at this time of year it won't be a juvenile Greenfinch as it is far too early.       I know you mean well by taking in this bird when it was soaking wet but as long as it is uninjured and able to fly it will be far better for it to dry off outside where it will rejoin it's finch family.   Birds often love bathing and get soaking wet so are used to drying off naturally.     Being a wild bird it is likely to get more stressed inside being confined to a box so my best advice is, assuming the bird is uninjured and hasn't been "catted" and able to fly, let it go outside .......... just take it to the boundary, preferably near trees, shrubs near to where you found it and see if it can fly.   

  • Hi Hazy, 

    Thank you for your advice. I’ve popped it outside and it’s v lively but cannot seem to get lift off and is able to move in garden on foot. It’s now hiding in undergrowth. Is it a greenfinch? 

  • Thank you Cris! I thought it was very small. 

  • Hi Jen,   that is not a greenfinch and looks more like a male siskin to me but wait for other opinions  (a Siskin  is still a member of the finch family).  When you say it can't take off, do you think the cat had hold of it,    It should have taken off by now so I would keep my eye open from a distance and see if it can take flight shortly.    If not then it could be injured and you would need to get some professional help/advice HERE

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