Recommend me a camera :-)

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    my camera is 12mp & i can load pics ok rik. paul

  • Hi Kat

    Rhodopsin has a Canon G10 and I bought a slightly used one on eBay for about £200.

    It takes excellent macro shots, and if you already use Canon EOS then it will be really familiar to you. :-)

    Best wishes Chris

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    rik rock said:

    Hi KatTai

    I have a Lumix Tz8 which is identical to the TZ10 but doesn't have to gps function which i dont see the point of.  This will save you money and battery life all in all a win win combo. The down side spare batteries a expensive but the batt you get with it last a while.  They have a wide angled 12x optical zoom on them which works well. I am very happy with it giving good clear pictures but at 12mega pixel the rspb site wont upload them so i cant give u any sample shots





    Hi- if you open a pic with Photoshop ( elements will do) and crop it and reduce the overall size it should go onto the forum :)




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    Hello KatTai,

    I  recently bought a Panasonic TZ8 as I wanted something pocket-sized for a recent "hand baggage only" trip abroad.  I am very pleased with the results so far and I now keep it in my handbag for unexpected photo opportunities.  Here are some pics from my trip:


    Best wishes,



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    Hi Seymouraves

    Thanks for the advice on the resize of the photos i have given it ago and got it to work cheers. I am new to the rsbp web site and when i first  started it had no trouble down loading at full 12megpix qual??



  • Hi Kat

    Think about the things that make the photo great - the lens, and the sensor. The more megapixels you get for your money - the better. If the lens is made by an ultra reputable company thats also better. So I have an (now) old LUMIX by Panasonic, the lens is made by Leica and I can set the number of megapixels from 14.1 which is not bad and I can get some lovely photos of flowers, insects, butterflies but I wouldnt be able to get brilliant photos of far distant birds/animals, although its probably enough to identify what I saw.

    Its all a balance between the best optics, the most sensitive you can get and your budget. Good luck
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    Haven't you realised this a 12 year old thread. The previous poster (cameras -guide) is spammer trying to promote his own guide. Kat has long since left this forum



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