Recommend me a camera :-)

I know I have my EOS (and that is not going anywhere!) but I'm looking for another camera that is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket to carry around with me when I'm not taking my EOS, which is quite a bit of kit to carry around with me 24/7!  Must be suitable for taking photos of wildlife obviously as it is for catching those beasties that take me by surprise when walking the dog etc, price range probably up to around £200.  It will be kept in my pocket so not wanting something that will drop to bits at the slightest knock but I will get a solid case for it anyway.

So, does anyone have any recommendations? 

The two I've seen (in the argos catalogue lol) are:

Olympus MJU7030 14MP 7x Optical Zoom


Fujifilm JZ300/JZ500 with a 10x Zoom

I've seen a few others but I think they're a bit on the expensive side for what I'm wanting the camera for, however feel free to recommend any you think would be suitable plus comments on the two I've spotted would be appreciated!


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  • Hi KatTai.

    Like you I have a Canon EOS, I also have a Fujifilm s1000. I get some great  shots with it.

    The macro is really good as is the wide angle. It is a bit larger than a point and shoot, but not alot and is much more versatile. So if you are going to Argos I would go for the Fuji S1730 12MP Compact Digital Camera. But like all cameras it is best to read reviews and if possible try to get to handle them.





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    Thanks for the reccommendation Monty, though that camera is too big for what I'm looking for I definately want something that will fit nicely in my pocket to just keep on me all the time :-)

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    Same tip here as I give in the Sony thread.

    When you see something you think you want .. go to Flickr and search for that model to see pictures real people are taking with it, not the professional the manufacture had using it! ;o)


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  • Hi Kat a year or two ago O H bought a Canon PowerShot SX110IS and though I know nothing about cameras I am amazed at the photo quality for a very small camera that fits in the pocket easily and was at that time about £180 but could easily be a bit cheaper now.Suspect if they have stopped making it they will have a newer type to replace it,best wishes. 

  • Hi Kat

    Nice to see you back on the forum.

    If you want a truly pocketable compact camera have a look at the reviews at Camera Labs. The Panasonic Lumix  range always seem to come out well and are usually pretty good value.

    Regards TJ



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    Thanks everyone

    TJ - haha yeah I'm back, been busy working for the last few weeks so had little time to come online.

    There are a lot of camera choices, trouble is to go and take a look at them means a trip to one of the cities, not something I really want to do as I hate going to either lol

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    hi kat i have the fuji s1730 that monty suggested & no, you really couldnt pocket it! paul.

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    I've just bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and the pictures are amazing. Very small and handy to carry in the pocket.

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    Canon powershot 140 is robust, small and takes great pics. :)


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  • Hi KatTai

    I have a Lumix Tz8 which is identical to the TZ10 but doesn't have to gps function which i dont see the point of.  This will save you money and battery life all in all a win win combo. The down side spare batteries a expensive but the batt you get with it last a while.  They have a wide angled 12x optical zoom on them which works well. I am very happy with it giving good clear pictures but at 12mega pixel the rspb site wont upload them so i cant give u any sample shots