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I am fairly new to feeding the birds in my garden and I was wondering why peanuts have to be fed via a bird feeder but, suet Pellets (Similar size) can be fed on a bird table? I am frightened that my smaller birds (robins, blue tits, coal tits) will choke on them so, I don't want to put them out. However, I know suet Pellets are great for birds in winter! Can someone please help me??

  • Hello MF, during the nesting period peanuts must be put into mesh peanut feeders, this is to avoid whole peanuts being given to the young birds to avoid them choking. They could be crushed very small and scattered. Outwith that they can be thrown hole. If you have bigger birds like the crows, magpies and others gobble these no bother but the smaller birds will take them too. The tits like to feed from a feeder and you will see them take a nut and go back to the bushes or branches on trees and eat them. I have pheasants and they love peanuts, hoovering them up first before then taking their corn! Suet pieces are very safe to scatter or put into a feeder, the Robin and blackbirds love them. My robins love the suet pieces and come into the garage and sit to be fed even helping themselves from the little dish, if we are not ready to feed them! Probably the shape of the suet pieces are easier to go down opposed to a rounded peanut, that could choke young birds. Hope this helps.

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  • Thank you for the reply Catlady. That has been super helpful!! I will be going out to buy some suet Pellets now :) That is amazing that your little robins visit you in the garage! They must be amazing to see up close!
  • Over the years the robins have always become very trusting, this fellow will fly up to the house from the bottom of the garden or come round to the back when I whistle or speak to him, yes call me mad or what!! Since Covid we have the garage door up and the postie leaves the Mail on a work bench. Well the robin thinks this is his bench! I watched him fly in one day and not come out so quietly watched, he hopped about the place and eventually up to the shelf where I keep his suet in a sealed box but have a wee dish on top to easily take out to feed him from, well he helped himself t a few pieces then flew out!  I have sat in a chair near a border roughly waist level and he will feed 2 feet away, have yet to get him to hand feed! Maybe I will have to pluck up the courage and feed live mealworms, that will get hom onto my hand!

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  • I have to say it can be rather relaxing speaking to the wildlife! I've spoken to a bee or two before so, I can't say anything :) He sounds like a very brave, cheeky little thing, having his own bench :) I have to say, the robins in my garden, especially when they were younger, were super brave, even landing on the fence just above my head! They are amazing little birds! Mealworms are the one thing that scares me when it comes to feeding birds but, I bet it will be worth it when he land on your hand! Good luck with it and thank you again for your help!
  • Sorry I forgot to welcome to you to the community MF, so do so now from up in Caithness at the very top of Scotland.

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    Aw, that is very kind, thank you :) Oh wow, what an amazing place to live! :)
  • I am not convinced that feeding birds during the breeding season should be done,i have heard of young birds chocking on food given by peple, and I also feel that birds should find enough natural food without peanuts ect, in winter its a different thing, in my opinion.
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    Thank you for your reply. I definitely understand why you are not convinced, I have a fear of that too. I am currently feeding the birds in my gardens suet pellets however, I have been crushing them into smaller pieces so, they are not too big for the smaller birds. I think I will stop using them when the weather starts to warm up and just use the much smaller seeds instead. Thank you for such a great point! :)