1. I recorded a bird song that I'd like to know what it is but it on my phone recorder. Can I e mail it? I can an seem to get to it on a chat. Any help?
  • Hi, not sure who you would email it to so I don't think that's an option. You should be able to insert the audio clip in to a thread possibly direct from your phone although it's easier if you download it to your computer first and post it from there. Here's how.

    Open a new thread in the Identify this forum. Give it a title and then Insert>Insert image/video file. In the dialog box that opens change Web URL to File upload and Browse for your file. You can enter any text before or after the upload of your file. Similar procedure to upload direct from your phone but editor will show a limited set of icons. If at any time you don't see the full editor click on Use rich formatting.

    I see in another thread that you've ID'd the bird in question but this may be of help for future reference.



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