Community Downtime - 6/12/2018

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our technical team, the planned changes earlier in the week were not actually completed and it means we will be taking the Community down again this evening so the work can be completed.

The site will be offline between midnight tonight (Thursday 6th December) and 10am tomorrow (Friday 7th December).

Part of the work taking place is actually to move the RSPB Community from the United States, where it is currently hosted, to within the EU. We are aware than some of you have had concerns about where the content is stored and this move will be able to address some of those concerns. Following this move there will be no RSPB Community content or services hosted outside of the EU.

Other than the change of location the terms will remain unchanged and there will not be any need to re-accept them as the core service is not changing.

We’re sorry for the interruption to your community experience again tonight, this is part of a larger plan to improve the services we give all of our digital supporters.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.