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When YouTube videos are embedded in a post Chrome won't allow you to play them in fullscreen. mode. If you want to play them fullscreen you have to switch to YouTube. Does anyone know whether this is a quirk of this site or a restriction of Chrome. If you use Firefox you can play them full size no problem. Any thoughts ,it's bugged me for ages. 



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  • I was under the impression it was after one of RSPB updates ... have used Chrome for years now & used to be transported directly to YT from a link in a post but that suddenly wasn't an option, however I have no idea how long ago this happened!


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    Although normally a Chrome user, I think there is also a good reason (which I can't remember) why I use Firefox not only for RSPB but also Carnyx Live (the Loch Garten nestcam). That kind of suggests that it is not unique to RSPB but I could be wrong. Ian