How to post?!

I have signed in but HOW ON EARTH do i add a post? I have managed to in the past but i must bemissing something! I just want to add a post, should it be that difficult? Thanks


  • I'm assuming you must be having trouble replying to a post as you've obviously found the New Thread button :-)

    You click on the Reply button underneath the comment you wish to reply to - but some groups (such as the Reserve ones (Minsmere, Loch Garten etc) you will have to join first (a Join button top right).  Then the Reply button will appear


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  • In reply to Whistling Joe:

    Thank you, but i didnt realise a new thread was the same as a new post!!  So i just start a new thread?! I admit i have found this 'page' very complicated.  Theres too much stuff needing doing these days to have to figure things out. SORRY and THANK YOU,


  • In reply to Cally:

    Hi Cally it may complicate matters but I should say your first enquiry is a post but with it being the first it started a new reply (this one) is a new post.

    So it depends what you wanted to do, ask a new question or add to an existing thread by replying to someone.

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