Sparrow Nest Box

Last year I made a sparrow nest box. Sited the box in the hawthorn Hedge at the bottom of my garden. To date the sparrows have shown no interest , seen them sitting on the roof of the box along with Blackbirds. The entrance holes are drilled at 35mm diameter. Do you think I should put perches in front of the holes ? There is a fair size flock of sparrows that habitate the hedge , making plenty of noise. That is until I refill the feeders when they all go really quiet. Trev
  • Hi Trevor

    You may find that the Sparrows wont use it where it is, I think House Sparrows like to be high up,I put a similar box up last year that's about 3m high on the side of the house that went untouched,I'm now going to put it high up under the eaves of the house.