April 2012 Good egg post award goes to...Black Jaguar

  • In reply to Shane:

    What fantastic news. Brilliantly well done on the bike ride + being Good Egged!!

    'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks'  John Muir.       

    Excuse wobbily dyslexic spelling!

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    Congratulations BJ, that's some achievement well done,and you even went through one of my old workplaces at Haltoft end Freiston ,small world we have now

    Regards Mick

    Work is for those people that don't Bird-watch!!!!  

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    Hello all,

    What do I say?

    Humbled I am... This is for all, and everyone that donated, followed, posted, and became involved in the events of that week...

    We did have a blast, a great time and above all a lot of fun. Besides that the LG centre is over £2K better off...

    So thank you, Thank you all.

    Jag X

    All for one and one for all.


  • In reply to black jaguar:

    Excellent Jag/ Brian. Great that your achievement has been recognised with a GOOD EGG. Very many CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Congratulations from me too, Black Jag. A well deserved award which required dedication and hard work.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Congratulations Black Jag. Well deserved for the hard work you put in and for the amount you raised. Glad you enjoyed it despite the weather.

  • In reply to Dido:

    Very well deserved  and very well done to someone completely selfless. No Eh's or how did they deserve that and other words of astonishment from me this month

    (NOT that I think them every month but, on occassion!!!! )

    All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy.
    Spike Milligan