May 2012 Good egg post award goes to...Bob Philpott

Hi all

So now we are into June, is anyone else wondering where the year has gone?...and if summer will ever arrive, and stay? We come to May’s good egg post award. There have been some great contributions this month from Shane’s report of his trip to Rye Meads with the gang, to Barnsley lad’s coal tit pictures. But we have gone for Bob Philpott’s post from May bringing everyone’s attention to the plight of Buzzards. This was something that affected us all as wildlife lovers and we couldn’t have achieved the outcome we did without help from each and every one of you, there's still a lot of work to be done and we hope you will all assist in the future. What a great public response. So Bob, you are May's good egg post award but everyone pat yourselves on the back.


All the best



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