August 2011 Good egg post award goes to...Higgy50

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    Congratulations Higgy.

    Very well done.

    Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.

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    well deserved Higgy



             a good laugh is better than a tonic

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    Well done Higgy, you always provide an interesting read, lovely pics and lots of humour. Great choice for a Good Egg post - wear with pride Higgy!

    bye for now

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    Well done Higgy! ;o)


    Death - Terry Pratchett (The Last Continent).

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    Congratulations Higgy, well deserved :-)




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    Just back from a few days away and delighted tofind out about your "Good Egg". Well done Higgy - I really enjoyed that thread as I do all of your postings! Well done! Keep on scibbling!


    God gave us two ears and one mouth for a very good reason!

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    Congratulations, well deserved 'Good Egg'.

    Always good to read your posts Higgy, esp in greenfingers! Not read this particular thread but will find the time.

    'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks'  John Muir.       

    Excuse wobbily dyslexic spelling!

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    Hello All,

    Thank you all so much for your kind words they really are appreciated. Apologies that my thanks are late in coming but I have to confess to scratching my head a little before finding where this thread was posted!.....if it hadn't of been for Tom's email and the kind words of everyone then I'd still be at that badgers set unaware of my new found fame!!....

    I am of course surprised and totally flattered as I just scribble about my madcap trips and predictable failures in the hope that you will all find it amusing and enjoy a laugh at my expense! If I have been successful in making a few of you smile then my job is done as I always say!

    Echoing the comments above there have been so many super threads recently making this award a little more special to receive in amongst the added competition!

    As posted on my fore-mentioned 'saga' thread that damn buzzard flew past the kitchen window a couple of Sundays ago whilst I was quite happily chatting away to my daughter!!...I couldn't believe it as it was about three feet away from me and I'm sure he winked as he went past!!..GRRRRRR!....

    I'm sure that the saga doesn't end here!!....

    Once again a massive thanks to you all



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    Many congratulations Higgy. Sorry I haven't replied before now, but I did so enjoy reading your thread.

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    Hi Higgy ,well done mate ,you really deserve this award , only now did I see the link,only by chance I found it by making a mistake looking for other stuff,also found some other useful stuff!!  must pay more attention  LOL

    Regards Mick

    Work is for those people that don't Bird-watch!!!!