Wildlife pond advice please - Significant Project

  • Welcome Yawningdog, sounds like typical local planning with policy overruling common sense, I hope you manage to overcome their obstacles. We have pond in the garden about 30 ft from the house with a path around one side and a bog garden on the opposite side, it has proved to be the single most effective addition to the garden for wildlife. We have a native hedge along the back boundary with bungalows on the other side so not as isolated as you but in 15 yrs since the pond went in we have had 42 different species of birds, newts, dragonfly, damselflies and all the usual pond life. Fox, hedgehogs & Muntjac deer. We have feeders about 10/15ft from the patio doors and can get a flock of finches up to 30/40 strong. Your local council obviously have no idea of wildlife behaviour, good luck.



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    That sounds wonderful, thanks Tony. Guy
  • If this is a rural area with no other houses around, I’m sure the abundance of wildlife visiting will be clear to see. It may take time for them to come but with time the project should be a treasure.

    I am no specialist in any areas but if the end results will be helping the wildlife then I don’t see a problem.

    I have a small wildlife garden and I can walk 15 steps from my back door to the start of my garden. I have frogs, slowworms. A nesting hedgehog and visiting hogs, All sorts of birds. They don’t seem bothered to be close to my building. I have a staffy dog who is 2 and an 8 year old cat and the wildlife have not been harmed or deterred.

    I hope you can get this resolved GOOD LUCK
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    Thanks Paula, I really appreciate your comments. Have a lovely Spring! Guy
  • If you fancy a quick play with Google maps have a search for the National Trust of Jersey Wetlands Centre. Just to the South of it you  will see a building - this is a private house and the wildlife are not in the slightest bit worried by it and yes the water cones right up to their boundary.
    Good luck I hope your council stop being awkward


    Cin J

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    Thanks Cin, I will have a look at that. Guy