Any idea what this is?

  • Before I get rid of it!

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    I'm mystified too, had one or two in the garden last year, kept waiting for a flower to appear - but nothing.    So I pulled it out, not easy it had a deep root if I remember correctly.

    Lot to learn

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    We too have had a lot of it in the garden and i think it is a real menace and spreads everywhere! Very difficult to dig up! It seems to self seed!

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    We had a red hot poker in the same place and presumed it was still that for a while bit after no flowers last year I started to have my doubts!think it will be coming up out of the ground then

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    I am no expert but I get a lot of these, similar very sharp leaved grasses that have what I term Foxtail, as they produce long stalks with  furry tail CHOL:):)

    is it any of these?


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    Cut back quite heavily now.that was hard work so I'm not looking forward to digging it out!

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    Looks to me like foliage from a miniature red hot poker, as the stems are thinner and shorter that the normal ones, or it could be as has been suggested some type of ornamental grass.

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