kingfishers in the river nairn?

ive been looking about for kingfishers for ages now in the river nairn but not sure if u even get them

that far up-north

Brad mcnaughton

  • They do go that far north, however with kingfishers I find it is a case of being in the right place at the right time!  There are meant to be some in the river here but I have yet to see them, though I have spotted kingfishers elsewhere.  I'd ask around to see if anyone has seen them in the area otherwise you could be looking for kingfishers when they might not be any there.  They fish in slow moving or still water, however will travel between fishing spots. 

    Best of luck in finding a kingfisher!

    Millie & Fly the Border Collies

  • In reply to KatTai:

    alright cheers thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind cause i walk there every day

    and have always wanted to see one.



    they must be pretty rare here

    Brad mcnaughton

  • In reply to Brad:

    Not sure you do get them that far north. We have had them around Inverurie but only for about 29 years. their range is definitely spreading northwards, but.


    I haven't got access to the Moray and Nairn county records, but the 2003/4 ones are online and there were none recorded then

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  • I was at the river Nairn today just past the bridge along the riverside a kingfisher raced past me I was so taken aback it was so blue I’m 55 first time ever seeing a real live kingfisher so yes they are this far up north yippee