Black Pheasant

  • How scarce are Black Pheasants I have three seed feeders two fat ball feeders and one peanut
  • feeders in a bush at my works,four weeks ago a Black Pheasant appeared picking the seed off the 
  • ground under the feeders,then he started to fly onto the branches shaking seeds onto the floor jumping
  • down and eating the fallen seeds, Wednesday he started to eat the seeds out of the feeders is this common practice for Pheasants
  • Hi kass

    A warm welcome to the Community from me too. I hope you enjoy our forum. :-)

    My Collins complete guide book suggests that 'in recent years, captive-bred forms with essentially violet-blue plumage have been released.'

    Might this be like the pheasant that you saw?

    Best wishes Chris

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  • In reply to Woodpecker:

    i never knew the came in different colours until they started appearing in the garden. turns out they are pretty common

  • In reply to hat:

    I think they're quite common too, my mum-in-law has a family of three black pheasants in her garden! One of them is particularly dark, the other two are slightly browner but still very dark.

    I love Columbidae.

  • We get quite a few of these around our area mostly on the local shoots.According to local game keepers they call them Blue Pheasants and are a throw back to some oriental birds imported in the late 19th century.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can