Is this a wren?

Hi there seems to be a nest in our shrub and young birds have been running on the ground.   Is it too early for fledgings?  Also how long will I need to keep my cats in as one of them nearly caught one today. Thanks.

  • Don't think it's a wren -- maybe a thrush? If there are fledglings on the ground you should be able to spot the parent nearby with a bit of patience.
    It's absolutely the time of year. They'll stick around on the ground for a few days, maybe a week, with the parent in close attendance to ward off cats/gulls/magpies/hawks/whatever else lives nearby. Once they're flying with confidence they'll start to range farther.
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    Thanks very much for the reply. Yes we have seen the 2 parents on the floor feeding him/her. Our neighbours next door said they had a nest with them last year. It is such a privilege to see them. I love nature. We had better keep ours cats indoors for a while then because I fell trying to stop him having one yesterday but it was definitely worth it to save the little one.
  • Looks like a young Thrush to me

    Richard B

  • No, but it is probably a young song thrush.