Nest Site Provision for (mainly) Sparrows - Questions

Hi -

We're having loft conversion work on our house.  Currently we have some sparrow families nesting in the roof space.  When the work is done this nest site will be gone.  We'd like to provide an alternative.

The two most obvious options - given the planned architecture -  are: 

  1. Place external Sparrow Terrace boxes on the back of the house at about the same height as the current eaves.
  2. Build in more permanent Sparrow Terrace structures (e.g. brick fronted boxes made of concrete/woodcrete) into the external wall brick skin at the same height.

Is there a eason why we should choose one over the other (other than aesthetic)?

Does anyone have experience with the built-in boxes and can you recommend a make or type of box?  Are there any drawbacks to this choice?

Thanks for your help with this.

  • I am presuming that the work will be done after the birds have fledged and not now? It is agains the law to interfere with a nest site until the birds have fledged, work can commence once this has happened and at the righr time of year.

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  • The presumption is correct. We are aware of the law.
  • Thank you, I was unsure on reading the post if the work was happening now or later. Regarding types of sparrow boxes, I am not very clued up on that. Posters have shown us photos of terraced boxes and the sparrows in them, so hopefully someone will see your post and give you advice on those and on the built in boxes.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.