Injured Juvenile starling

  • Hi there im looking to see if anyone know about starling birds. I found a juvenile starling on the grass not able to fly and sit properly. It lays on its side and its also has been quiet. The bird been drinking water and all i have for him arw pumpkin seeds. Im suspecting if he has a broken wing or leg or even sprain. I can't tell. Im hopeing to find someone that may know something to help him 
  • Thank you 
  • Sorry no one has replied. Very few contributors on here these days due to the format of the site.

    I suspect the bird is already dead, but if not, a wildlife rescue centre is the best option. Seems it's either collided with a window, or been attacked by a cat or something else.
  • If by any slim chance this young starling is still alive you can enter some details HERE and find your nearest rescue centre, good luck.


    Regards, Hazel 

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