Lethargic collared dove

Lethargic collared doveLast August, on a really hot day, I saw a collared dove sitting on my patio, very exposed, very lethargic, blinking as if falling asleep (see picture). It didn’t fly away as they usually do when I go outside - in fact it let me get less than a metre away. After an hour in which it didn’t move, it let me put some food and water next to it, and it did take a bit about ten minutes later. By the end of the day it had gone. This August exactly the same thing happened - a collared dove pretty much catatonic in the same place for several hours (with a short break to eat the food I put next to it). The collared doves in my garden are usually timid and will fly off at the slightest movement so I wonder what’s going on here. Is it the hot weather or is it sick or an exhausted tame pigeon or something else?