Sign the Letter!

Letter to the Future campaign

In a nutshell

The Letter to the Future urges politicians to consider the health of the planet, for the sake of future generations, when they are making decisions about where to invest money and where to make cuts.

It aims to get Governments to spend more money on saving wildlife and the environment


Topline goal

We need as many people as possible to sign the letter so that we can let the government know how important nature is to us all. 

We will achieve this by showing politicians that hundreds of thousands of people care about nature and want to see it protected not just for the short term, but for future generations.

We'll use signatures to ask politicians to do six things, which are at the heart of our conservation work:

  1. create a countryside fit for wildlife;

  2. safeguard our sealife;

  3. stop extinctions;

  4. save the rainforests;

  5. stop climate chaos; and

  6. inspire children through nature.

Near-term goals

  • 300,000 signatories by early spring 2010 — for immediate use in the Westminster general election run-up.

  • 500,000 signatories by spring 2011.


Why we care

For 120 years, we have given nature a voice, fighting injustices against wildlife with tenacity and passion. These are moments in our history which demonstrate again and again how people standing together can change the world.

Today, in signing the RSPB's Letter to the Future, we have the opportunity to help nature win its biggest ever battle.

Thanks for reading and please do feel free to discuss your thoughts about the letter in this thread! Do you have some inspiring thoughts/messages to contribute to the campaign? Please share your thoughts on why you would like to sign the letter..