Preventing seagulls nesting on property

Hi there,

We have a flat roof on our kitchen extension (directly underneath my home office) and a pair of seagulls are regular visitors. They've recently started bringing stuff across and started creating a nest. I've tried to move some of the debris before they have a chance to create it but they seem quite insistent to keep trying. 

Does anyone have any advice on how I can prevent them? I'm conscious that once they nest properly and lay eggs, I won't be able to interfere and I wouldn't want to. One that note, if they do rear young here, how disruptive are they likely to be? Their preferred location is directly under my office window!

Thanks in advance, Dylan.

  • Without doing something quite radical (eg netting the flat roof) or continually trying to shoo them away, it will be difficult to dissuade them I suspect. They could be quite fascinating to watch, right outside the window like that, but it depends on your garden layout. They can get a bit defensive of their youngsters - a pair nesting on the roof at work a couple of years back used to dive-bomb anyone foolish enough to cross the carpark. Regulars learned to walk the paths near the building where there wasn't enough room to swoop down on you. If your garden's relatively small, with high fences or plants, you'll probably be safe, but hopefully others will come back with more comments.


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  • Thanks Joe,

    I did try the shooing and removing some of the nesting materials before they started building but they were persistent and have since created a nest and layed an egg so I guess we'll see the process through!
    We have one window where we can observe without spooking them too much. Our garden is quite big, so we'll see how that goes.