Chris Packham's new petition on driven grouse shooting

That appalling photo doing the rounds on Tuesday of a young golden eagle in flight but doomed to die painfully of exhaustion and starvation with its leg crushed by an illegally set trap still attached, complete with its chain seems to have galvanised a lot of people to sign Chris Packham's new and quite robustly worded petition calling for an end to driven grouse shooting. The petition went from zero to 20,000 plus in its first two days and, at the time of writing this, was up around 39,600 signatures.

You can add your voice to the petition at  h

Please do so and spread the word.

If you really want to see the photo (it's not pretty) see Raptor Persecution UK eagle with trap

  • Thanks John, have just signed


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • In reply to HAZY:

    Thank you

    40,000 by coffee time I'm thinking....

  • I have signed the petition but am no more optimistic of action than I was when I signed a similar petition in 2018. The UK government response to the 2018 petition was pathetic & I unfortunately expect the same again. Ian
  • I've signed too, John. I'm sick of the BASC spouting all this nonsense about how shooting aids wildlife conservation. However, even with Chris Packham's name behind it I'm not optimistic that it will make a difference.



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  • I signed it when it first came out, the photo of the Eagle is just the tip of the iceberg, there are some horrible photos on Twitter of anything from young Hares to Merlins caught in spring traps and tunnel need blood pressure tablets sometimes just to keep your cool.
    I think things are certainly starting to alter now with pressure building on firms such as Yorkshire Water that allow Driven Grouse shooting on their land under a long lease, but are looking at it in a new light now, and more land owners are rescinding shooting rights.
    These petitions are just another way to keep the pressure on.
    This is a good read

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  • Signed this last night after seeing it on Twitter, many thanks John for bringing it over here!
    Happiness would be to hear this barbaric practice outlawed!

    Pass the tablets round D!


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  • Signed. Thank you John.

    I heard, on Radio 4, this week a discussion concerning Grouse moors. The final point the pro-Grouse shooting interviewee made was that it would be difficult to replace the 'revenue'.

    This was a great point, to my mind, as---while the story is complex---anyone arguing that we should be operating, say, a slave trade because the revenue stream is good is destined to (eventually) fail.

    Fingers crossed that this petition contributes in some positive way.

  • Interesting that Derbyshire Dales and the High Peak have the highest ratio of signatures in England so far. If they don't actually have Grouse Moors they are similar habitats.


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  • Thanks, John, I signed earlier today, having seen it elsewhere.

    Kind regards, Ann