Nest on roof and scaffolding

Hi everyone

Just after some advice really, we’ve booked scaffolding to be put up around our house in a couple of weeks, and for the fascias & guttering to be replaced and for the chimney stack to be repointed. We’ve occasionally seen a seagull coming and going but it didn’t seem to be nesting. Today though we’ve just spotted a baby gull on the chimney. I’m assuming the mother won’t let us get anywhere near the chimney whilst the chick is there, and obviously we can’t move or disturb the nest. Is there anything we can do or are we going to have to postpone the work? 

  • Hi Natalie, if the babies are still at the white fluff ball stage, I have read that they can be 5-6 weeks before they leave the nest. It looks as if the work will have to be put on hold. Firstly as you have already pointed out, it is an offence to interfere of go anywhere near an active nest. Secondly the parents would not let you! My folks had a pair of gulls rear their chick in the neighbour's driveway (they happened to be away for 2 months) clever of them to pick that place, when there would be no one to interfere or car going back and forth! They were so protective, and would swoop down flicking past your head, on occasion I had to go past with the brolly up. They actually pecked and drew blood with one male neighbour! Good luck.

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