Demolition of dilapidated agricultural buildings. Greencastle (or Green Castle) off the Leadgate Road near Alston, Cumbria.

Does anybody know anything about this? I've been told that a local conservationist has had his letter, regarding the above, published in a newspaper but I can't find it. From what I can gather, second hand, is that a planning application number 15/0101 (from J Townsend - owner of the Grouse shooting land in the area - in the applications list of 01 April 2015) was approved and the buildings have been demolished to make way for a new road to take shooters up through that part of the moor. The problem is (from what I can gather) is that the demolished farm buildings were being lived in by Barn Owls and a particularly rare type of Bat (I don't know what kind - if I could find the published letter I could tell you). There seems to be some suggestion, also, that a more public consultation should have taken place - with conservation agencies being involved. It seems like Eden District Council might be considered to have been a bit 'slick' about this application.