Peregrine Falcon, Orange NSW - 2023-24

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2022-23 season's thread

One of the 3 eggs did not hatch.  KATE gathered this info for us:

3 Jan 2023 4:24 PM

NEWS 29th December 2022 The egg was removed and I 'candled' it with a torch. The egg has a slight leak through a small crack, but is otherwise intact. Despite using a very strong LED torch, I could see nothing, so I think the eggshell is too thick. It may be that the chick simply could not emerge. I'll offer it to the Australian Museum.

Two chicks fledged: Indigo and Rubus, both males. Indigo, the elder, was last seen on 18 March when Diamond blocked his entry to the nest box.  Rubus fledged @ 46 days but died 9 days later, the result of a flying accident. 

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HATCH-WATCH starts on 01 OCTOBER! 

Therefore I've taken the liberty of starting this thread.

Evening changeover:

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    Lyn B
    ​Cilla cannot be 100% sure which juvenile she is seeing in the field. It seems more likely to be Barru, but nothing can be confirmed.

    NEWS 22nd November 2023 Cilla Kinross

    I spent a couple of days taking photos and making videos of the fledgeling and its parents down at the roost tree. At one time the youngster is in the same tree as its parents and it seems to be slightly larger and with longer toes than its father and smaller than its whilst I know you crave certainty, I'm still not sure. I do think we have only surviving fledgeling, but I'm just not sure yet which it is.