Peregrine Falcon, Orange NSW - 2023-24

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2022-23 season's thread

One of the 3 eggs did not hatch.  KATE gathered this info for us:

3 Jan 2023 4:24 PM

NEWS 29th December 2022 The egg was removed and I 'candled' it with a torch. The egg has a slight leak through a small crack, but is otherwise intact. Despite using a very strong LED torch, I could see nothing, so I think the eggshell is too thick. It may be that the chick simply could not emerge. I'll offer it to the Australian Museum.

Two chicks fledged: Indigo and Rubus, both males. Indigo, the elder, was last seen on 18 March when Diamond blocked his entry to the nest box.  Rubus fledged @ 46 days but died 9 days later, the result of a flying accident. 

Cilla Kinross's daily news

YouTube Channel with 4 cams

"Box" cam with Chat feature

HATCH-WATCH starts on 01 OCTOBER! 

Therefore I've taken the liberty of starting this thread.

Evening changeover:

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  • Here's a nice prey-drop on the roof:

    Still no eyas in the box up to early morning of the 19th.

  • Morning all

    Scylla your vids are always appreciated, so NEVER feel you wasting anybodys time, we love em xxxx

    Hope you find this one to vid.... a Good 5Min Bonding between X and D. Awh!!!! looks good for next year Yay!!!!

    Change ends Ha!! better view of each other Ha!!

    see you next time bye for now Ha!!!

  • SunnyKate2 said:
    Hope you find this one to vid.... a Good 5Min Bonding between X and D

    I'm so far behind, KATE, that I'm going to have to ask everyone to multiply the previous bonding vid I did by, say, 5, to get the idea Rofl

    Here's (presumably) Barru getting 2 breakfasts, one from each parent, on the 19th.  I'm keeping an eye out for suggestions of Marri but haven't seen anything yet.

    Beautiful cottonwool clouds - there were lots of lovely skies on that day.  A birdie literally darted past, the slomo was very disappointing - 3 still frames!

    Xavier? on the side of the Tower:

    20 Nov - No meal brought this morning - but Barru practised on some ??? and had a nice scratch 'n preen:

    I didn't find any feeds on the 20th.

    Still no juvie in the box up to 07:15 on the 21st.

    Where's Marri?