Peregrine Falcon, Orange NSW - 2020

  • Just read this under nest cam 2, posted earlier today by Cilla:
    "NEWS... Update 0950 20 Nov Izzi is now with a raptor carer in Young. She agrees that the wing does not appear to be broken, but has arranged for an X ray today at 4.30 pm. The vet thought there was a 'weakness' on one side and the wings are not exactly symetrical. She is concerned that there might be an injury between the shoulders (coricoid, I understand) which is not determined by physical examination alone. Izzi has been fed (chicken heart) and hydrated and is now alone in an aviary and has not attempted to fly. I will update again this evening when I will no more. If okay and flying, they recommend return to the nest within a week."

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    Thank you very much for those reports, GARDENBIRDER - I had no idea, and only just remembered to check the stream for Cam2, which had gone down ages and ages ago.

    What a terrible shame, after Izzi's magnificent second fledge  

    20 November

    Well!  No wonder Diamond and Xavier were so anxious today.  They started checking the scrape from 05:20 onwards, there was nearly always one or other of them in view - and later in the morning they had a very animated discussion about the situation