(C) Sheffield University Peregrines 2020 (All pics/vids posted here with their kind permission)

  • Thanks, Alan, Brought a tear to my eye and a very big smile to my face! Especially loved the sound of the Peregrine yelling bloody murder and struggling to get free, having seen the area where it was released. I presume that was in its own territory and that it recognised the place. Among Mr GBs various jobs at the bird of prey centre where he volunteers is helping in the hospital where he sometimes gets to hold both wild birds and those in the collection while the hospital staff person does things to them (syringing food into them if they cannot or will not eat, trimming talons and beaks, etc). Sometimes he also takes birds to the local bird vet. He comes home with stories about how noisy some of the birds are when being held, and how strong some of them are, Peregrines especially. He is always smiling broadly after a day when he has held any bird in the hospital. They once had an injured wild Goshawk, too, which was a real thrill for him to see close-up. We hope that eventually he will be able to watch a release into the wild, release being the ultimate goal when treating a wild bird.

    Edit:  If you are wondering, they do put hoods on some of the birds when being held, which does calm them down.

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  • Peregrine prog bbc2 09:00 will have to see if it's on iPlayer later

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  • Thanks alan recording........


  • Himself very early and last scap eating prey but not sure who brought it in..

    day cam on

    09.20 ish


  • Well caught Kate they must have swapped between day cam scap because itt Mrs P will breakfast in last one she's now on the box.

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  • One of the twins has just arrived

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  • Mum enjoying a shower