Sheffield Peregrine cam 2013

The University of Sheffield have just put up a webcam to view the Peregrines that raised young last year, no one at home as i type.

edit, when enlarge to full screen it's still cracking quality

  • There's also one on the Nottingham Trent University campus here

    They hatched four chicks last year, sadly due to the terrible weather three of them perished.  Hopefully this year will be more successful.

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    I'll try to keep an eye on both sites, one of the adults had been hanging around already, they are such lovely birds!

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    It certainly is a nice cam. Is this the first season there has been a cam in Sheffield?


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    doggie said:

    Hi Tiger

    Yes it's the first year, it went live yesterday, it was the first time last year they had nested there (i think) and they took everybody by surprise by actually rearing two young.


    Good to see a cam right from the start.

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  • Hi Alan, thanks for this. I'm sure there were Peregines on top of the BT building in the centre of town last summer. I work in Wellington Street not 50 yards from the building and heard them calling several times, although I never actually saw one.

    Interestingly the numbers of pigeons and gulls in the area has reduced massively.

    Have you heard anything about this?



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    That's a great link, thanks Alan. I'll certainly be making good use of that from now on.

    It may well have been the University peregrines in the City centre, but there was definitely activity on the BT roof. You could hear the cries from a long way off and there was no mistaking where they were coming from. I can't wait to see if they reappear this year. Think I'm going to have to camp out in the car park opposite until I get a sighting!

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    Looks like it could be good viewing when the time comes. So many cams so little time!

    I won't have time to go out bird watching if I follow them all.



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    Could be the new way to birdwatch - get all the reserves to put cameras everywhere and we can all sit and home and literally watch the birdies lol

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    The BT Tower is the second favourite perch of the St George's birds, and the best place to look when they're not at home.

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    Hi Pete, I heard one call from the BT building (no pun intended!) a few days ago and yesterday morning there were a pair of pigeon wings on the pavement at the foot of the building. I just wish I could get a sighting!