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  • Extended period on nest for BB this afternoon
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    Matthew T said:
    Extended period on nest for BB this afternoon

    She is looking broody Mathew T... wish she would move to the other side ...

    No it'snot there yet,go on push, push,you can do it!!!

    EDIT 19.40

    she had flown earlier,but maybe she is not taking any chances.


  • Thanks, All, fingers crossed she has an egg soon.

    Kind regards, 


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    Alan. said:
    I can't watch another failed year so I'm having a break I'll leave you with this.

    CHOL:):) It's not easy to make such a prediction and keep to it.........We Miss You on here.......


    @SheffPeregrines Mating twice within minutes, not sure if this is normal mating behaviour for this year or has she decided not to lay eggs due to the intruders and they are strengthening the bond for next year.https://youtu.be/nq_O-u7dXGI


  • It's funny you should post that Kate because as I left the house this morning I switched the laptop off I've been recording with, I think it's fair to say now that the intruders have stopped her laying eggs.
    I left it recording mainly to catch any prey they bring in for Ed to ID for his research, It's frustrating not to be able to pop up and see what is happening and to see if there are any intruders still knocking about.
    Hopefully it will be a better year next year.

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  • Doh! we will keep watching, and these uncertain times are not easy Worldwide.

    Nature is not always easy to watch,either, but at the same time interesting.

    You take care and be safe, through these troubled times


  • Are the intruders still around, not seen any myself since I've been watching more regularly?
    BB seems to favour spending nights on the perch facing the city lights & wider view!  Having trouble with lengthy recordings due to freeze issues, have missed a lot of action!


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  • That's what I'm finding frustrating Wendy with not being able to pop up, some of the calls they are making sound like alarm/agitated calls so another bird could still be there but who knows what they are saying. lol.
    I would have thought if she was going to lay she would stay around the box more or in the box overnight, there is no-one on cam as I type but they could both be there out of sight or off somewhere.

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  • She's self-isolating again
  • She certainly does seem to be avoiding long spells in the box, not like last week when it all looked hopeful?

    BUT ... there are several sites around the Country still awaiting first eggs & others who have only just laid first ... so definitely not too late should things quieten down again at Sheffield!


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