(C) Sheffield University Peregrines 2019 (All pics/vids posted here with their kind permission)

  • Hi Sweetwing welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    Yep that is the male.

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  • Hi Sweetwing , Welcome,

    and here is Mrs P2 eating her  prey, no sign of Mr as yet!!!


  • Hi Kate, your pic shows exactly why the greenery won't grow! Lol
    Welcome Sweetwing, good to have new observers!
    My post saying how greatly I enjoyed seeing your pic session from last visit seems to have gone awry D ... love the death stare as ever, Mr P is very good at it!


     2013 photos & vids here

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    That´s very interesting!
  • Trying to one eye snooze between preen...


  • In reply to SunnyKate2:

    2 hrs down to a 20 minute clip...

     Mr P waiting patiently for her to finish, still amazed at how long her legs are....