where to see kingfishers in the brecon beacons?

Inspired by Halcyon River diaries I am going walking in 3 weeks time and wondered if anyone had any local knowledge around Crickhowell or the nearby ares where I might see kingfishers

Living in South Manchester they are difficult to see and the River Usk around Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons  is supposed to be a popular area

can anyone help me...it is a long way to go so I want to narrow my search aa much as i can for obvious reasons!!

Thanks for any help

  • I would Google wildlife reserves in your immediate area, then look at all of the ones that come up to see if Kingfishers have been reported seen at any of them. If necessary you could make contact with them all and ask.

    Kingfishers like to nest in riverbanks, so if you can walk along your local river edge you might see one

    One last thing you could check is how far from you RSPB Rye Meads is and if you ever find yourself going in that direction you are almost guaranteed to see them there.

    Good luck.

    Here is the male of the pair that is currently breeding at RSPB Rye Meads


    Best wishes Chris

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    Hi Johnny.

    The majority of the larger rivers in wales have kingfisher, I would suggest you find an area you would like to stay in and then find the nearest largish river, and then track down recent sightings.

    A good site for brecon sightings is brecknock birds


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    Thanks for those suggestions...very helpful cheers

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    Not too far away from where I live although I am across the border in England.  I've played cricket in Crickhowell and its a lovely place.  I'm sure if you spend enough time on a decent size river in the area you will see some.  I've seen them on the river in the centre of Hereford.  If all else fails you could hook up with part of the Wye Valley walk or even visit Symonds Yat where there is a boat trip down the Wye - I saw one there this time last year.  Also get the bonus of seeing the peregrines up on Yat Rock too.

    I'll keep an eye out on the Hereford Ornithological Clubs sighting pages and let you know if there are any reports.





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    Seriously recommend Symonds Yat .. plenty of hostels to stay in there if you want somewhere to lay your head.

    Kingfisher spotting usually means find a bank with a view of some over hanging branches, and sit, and wait, and be patient! ;o)


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  • I was in Brecon yesterday and a great spot for kingfishers, and the heron is in the morning from dawn. Just by where Afon Tarell joins into the River Usk. There’s a small footpath that runs along the Afon Tarell and you can spot the Heron usually on the bend into the Usk and the kingfisher darting to and from perches along this little stretch. Saw it at about 10am flying around. Wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a photo but always lovely to see.