When to visit Bempton cliffs

Is April a decent time to see birds (and potentially porpoises) at Bempton cliffs? If not, I'll go June.

  • I believe it is but will you be able to go, that is the question.? I believe puffins should be there in April, I like you want to go but with the pandemic how can you plan. I have just googled your query and I thought i had read that it is a good time although they should still be there up to August time according to google. Not sure about Porpoises ?
    But when you do get there enjoy yourself.
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    Hopefully, I can go whenever I get a window of opportunity in this pandemic.
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    Lets hope its soon, keep safe in the meantime.
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    I don't think you will see any Puffins till the end of May early June I was there last June and only saw a few.


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    Thanks for that Jim let’s hope we have had our vaccine by then so we can go.
  • In 2018 I did two days there in mid April (around 18th). Day 2 was when the Puffins chose to start coming in that year. On day one there hadn't been any on the cliffs and just one or two visible offshore. By the time I got there on day 2 a dozen or so had come in and were on the cliffs. I guess it will vary a little from year to year, but I imagine some will usually be there by end of April. Everything else was already there in good numbers, Gannets, Razorbills, Guillemots, Fulmars, Kittiwakes etc. Two porpoises did show as well one day (they might have been some other dolphin for all I know!), right up close to the cliffs although I have no idea how common that is.
    If we get to travel, I'd like to go again this year, maybe in May??


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    Thanks for the info Nigel, i have never been but i am looking forward to going its only an hour and a half in the car, i would have gone last year but for the pandemic.