A long overdue visit to Middleton Lakes

I had some leave to take before the end of the year, the old case of use it or lose it, so unsurprisingly I used it, and made a long overdue visit to Middleton Lakes.

It was cold, dry and some sunshine, the wildlife was generally quiet, but I guess they had more sense and aimed to keep out of the cold, unlike a few of us on the day.

Still, a few good photo opportunities came my way, and below is a small selection.

A lone mallard drake

Blue Tit feeding

You in my territory mate...

An imposing robin...


Great White Egret

Little & Large

Great White Egret (L) and Little Egret (R)

Reed Bunting

Dairy Longhorn Cattle

My guess, female reed bunting, but I'm happy to be corrected


Flickr Peak Rambler