Moorhen up a tree!

I took a picture of this moorhen who was on a high branch overhanging Melchett Mere at Tatton Park this morning- looked very silly but quite comfortable! I have never seen one in a tree or on a branch before!
  • Perhaps it was fleeing from a dog who was not on a lead.

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    Well spotted and it's always nice to find some new or odd behaviour.

    They do look a bit out of place but Moorhens do go up trees of their own accord sometimes although personally I've only seen them do it when they can climb the tree as opposed to fly up it. There is often one or even two up a tree at my local reserve. Don't ask me why they do it though. Perhaps they just enjoy a change of view occasionally!


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    Well spotted Caroline, not the most obvious place to find a Moorhen !   I'm only 15 mins walk from Tatton Park so I'll keep an eye out for tree climbing Moorhens next time I go   lol


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    We have a number of Moorhen on the River Skell that seem to spend a lot of time in riverside Willow trees as well as hanging on feeders in nearby gardens.


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