Chichester Peregrines 2018

They're back - and there's an egg!

Though the story up to now has been a little complicated - this is from the project Facebook page: 

Important Message regarding our project for 2018 from the RSPB, please read it in it's entirety.

Due to the repair and restoration project now commencing to the roof at Chichester Cathedral, there has been much concern over how this could affect our nesting Peregrines. After much deliberation it was concluded that the best way to reduce disturbance would be to relocate the nestbox (which has always been in the South East turret) to the North West turret, which is on the opposite side to where the roof repairs will commence.

The South East turret has been sealed off to deter the birds from returning and the nest box has been relocated. The camera has also been moved and is now operational with sound. (CLICK the "Watch Video" button below our page banner) The birds have been seen in the area and we hope that they will switch to the new location without any problems.

With the uncertainty of what may happen this year the RSPB has decided to reduce its presence to two days per week.
The dates of the project will depend on the day any potential eggs are due to hatch, but as of now the schedule is set to between 24th April – 11th July on Tuesday and Wednesdays only.

We shall have a pop-up stand (without TV footage of the nest) with scopes to view the birds where possible on the West side of the cathedral either North or South of the cathedral entrance. If however the birds choose not to nest this year the RSPB will still be present.

(update) Good News as our Peregrines have now been seen exploring and scraping in the new location, which is normal behaviour for this time of year (see image from early this morning below)

Please read more about the Cathedral roof repair and restoration project here…/roof/

  • In reply to Sue C:

    Sue, thanks for setting this up. Ian

  • In reply to Ian S:

    Many thanks Sue for this thread & the history of relocated box!  I have been following for some time & posting direct to FB page but did intend to start a thread as soon as an egg appeared!

    I had some misfortune with the actual footage of the laying ... Win10 update corrupted recordings, boy was I cross!!

    This vid is the last available showing her settling on scrape after bonding session